THE MISSING LINK THAT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT (a.k.a Why You're Not Manifesting It All)

mindset Aug 31, 2020

  by Ellie Wang


WOW. I'm on a high.


I'm listening to my favorite motivational speaker and he's talking about how I am one with the universe; how I am a higher intelligence that KNOWS I'm meant for all that I dreamt I would be.


I finish the podcast on top of the world and think, "THIS IS THE DAY my dream opportunity presents itself & money flows into my bank account"... only to get SMACKED back to reality when I open the "umpteenth" email telling me I was rejected AFTER being hired (yup, just for effect I'll say it again... AFTER being hired) for an opportunity that excited me.


"Dear Ellie,


I'm sorry that some Green Card backlog has essentially placed you 'on hold' for 2 years now but I'm confident that it will be handed to you soon.

That being said, we did want you for the job but even if you have a valid work permit, we no longer hire on any other visa BUT the Green Card.


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