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Episode 11 - Manifestation Stories Part 2


It’s Manifestation stories part 2!

Take a chill pill and come hang. This episode is on the ‘relaxing’ wavelength - quite different to the usual vibe I give off. It’s a way to really embody the subject of BEING PRESENT.

When we are finally present and allow for gratitude, we finally allow ourselves to be in receiver mode.

Episode 10 - Manifestation Stories


What if we weren't so precious about what the outcome should look like or when it should happen? To celebrate double digits (episode 10), I share a couple of me and my husband's manifestation stories! Most of us learn better through story. So let's hang! 

Episode 9 - The Truth About Failure 


What so many of us don't realize is that EVERYONE has the fear of failure looming over their heads. 

The only difference between someone who is successful and someone who remains stagnant, is the degree at which they choose to play into that fear.

Listen to this episode to learn what failure really is and why we play into it. What you learn today may change the course of your future!

Episode 8 - Communication in Relationships


My top 7 tips when it comes to communicating in relationships!

These might be key for your relationship transformation OR to attract the person of your dreams!

Episode 7 - Health of the Body = Health of the mind


It's not just a spiritual notion to think positively. Our minds and our emotions truly affect every facet of our body. 

Episode 6 - How I Start My Day Aligned


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Most of us generalize what's optimal for our mornings. But what about the 'micro' moments?

Here are my TOP 'micro' choices that you can apply which will allow for your optimal self to SHINE!

Listen.. then plug and play!

Episode 5 - Let's Chat Manifestation!


Let's not get too precious off the bat and have some fun chatting about manifestation!

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Episode 4 - The Difference between Resistance and Discomfort in Growth


Ever wonder why people quit too early?

We all know that growth is UNCOMFORTABLE!! It requires strength, resilience and the constant test of your current boundary of limitations.

But what about living a life of resistance? You know, the life where you're waking up one day and you're hating your job, your relationship... yourself...

It's important to get clear what the differences are so that you can pivot in the right way - whether that is to end the suffering of your current situation, OR to not quit before you attain your dreams!

Episode 3 - The Simplicity to Abundance


Getting on the same page on what ABUNDANCE actually means! It's crazy how often we 'misinterpret' what abundance is and therefore place ourselves out of alignment. It's time to get clear and tap into your unique abundance!


Episode 2 - Justification


Oh we justify all the time! Especially when it comes to the little things and when it comes to the people we love. I personally think it's healthy for the most part but when do we cross the line? When does it become damaging for our growth and our identities? 

Come hang with me and find out!

Episode 1 - My 'Dire' Situation REVEALED my Ultimate Purpose


Speaking my truth about my 'dire' circumstance, the road to depression, proving spirituality wrong, attracting amazing opportunities in the most non-linear way and finding my ultimate purpose!